Why choosing Portugal for my dental implants & all on 4 in 2024?

All on 4 & dental implants in Portugal

‌Why choose Portugal for dental implants and crowns?

You come out of your dentist with a quote, sometimes your X-ray is kept by another dentist and you know that you have to rehabilitate a good part of your teeth but do not know where to start. The obscure terms, computer codes and the price don't really help. You receive several quotes and must make up your mind.

In matters of dental implants, all on 4 and / or dental crowns, you must choose a country. Why? because the final price quite simply depends on the country you choose. Your choice of country must answer these 3 questions:

- 1. is the price difference worth it, all added up?

- 2.Is the destination serious, what guarantees do I have, what is the quality of dental care in Portugal worth?

- 3. Am I ready to go to this country from a practical point of view ? Is it easy?

The main reason for choosing Portugal as a dental destination for anyone is that it was in Portugal that the revolutionary all-on-4 technique was invented for the first time.

This technique is now used in all dental practices. of the world but choosing dentists in Portugal allows you to have real quality, in addition to the criteria of price and services.

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Why having an all on 4 in Porto or Lisbon?

What is called an all on 4 or all on four in consists of inserting 4 dental implants on a jawbone instead of several. Before, we could recommend 7 sometimes 12 implants and as many dental crowns above.

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Dentists in Porto, Lisbon or even in the Algarve have mastered this technique and will recommend an all on 4 (sometimes an all on 6, that is to say put 6 implants per jaw instead of 4 but in most cases it does not is not necessary) with always above 12 dental crowns.

How does an all on 4 work in Portugal in 2024?

The technique of dental All on 4 or that consisting in putting only 4 implants instead of several implants is applied in a scrupulous and academic way according to the dental practitioners in Porto, Lisbon or Faro. In general, the good dentist (or implantologist) will often recommend an all on 4 rather than an all on 6 because he will know what is the limit, the risk, the necessity (a bit like a good doctor prescribing you a drug instead of several when it is not necessary).

The technique involves inserting 4 implants, roughly two per side, on each jaw instead of several.

Fixation devices will then be placed on the implants and a row of 10 or 12 dental crowns will rest in a stable, fixed and permanent manner on this row of prosthesis.

What are the benefits of having all on 4 dental implants in Portugal in 2024?

 ► Portugal invented this technique and is probably the best rated country for that procedure

 ► The total all-inclusive price including travel is really worth travelling

 ► The quality of services and equipment (zirconium, implant brands, guided surgery, etc.)

 ► In Porto or Lisbon you have an ideal setting to do this serenely, close transport, historic towns, services.

 ► Dentists in Portugal are open and flexible (dental protocols, reimbursement, planning, assistance)

 ► Length of stay (same day round trip for an all on 4!, single trip techniques and immediate loading)


Before and after photos of dental implants All on 4


What is the best country for all on 4 dental implants?

To this subjective question, it is appropriate to take into account the 4 main objective criteria:

-   1: do the dental universities where implantologists train teach “all on 4” or “all on 6” type dental implant techniques?

-   2: is the eco system around all on 4 developed? That is to say, are there a significant number of dental clinics with their own dental laboratories and dentists trained in all on 4?

-   3: are the protocols for all on 4 optimized? That is to say, during the first phase of placing implants, dental crowns but also dental extractions, is this optimized to do everything in 1 day? Are the implants placed of recognized brands and made of titanium? Do dental clinics have their own laboratories to manufacture, melt and mold zirconium dental crowns? Can the all on 4 installation protocol be unitary?

-   4: are the offers suitable for future patients? That is to say, do the prices allow them to make a substantial saving compared to their country of origin if they have to travel? Are all the quality criteria met? (precise quote including everything, services including consultations, tooth root extractions, x-rays but also additional services recommended such as different types of sedation in case of anxiety, cold mask to relieve swelling or redness at the end of the day, etc.). Is a consultation by telephone or Whatsapp with the dentist and/or dental laboratory planned before coming? The experience and various opinions of patients must also be taken into account.

All these criteria combined allow us to say that Portugal is undoubtedly the best country for all on 4 dental implants.

An All on 4 must include per jaw:

►1. Dental and root extractions


►2. 4 dental implants, if possible in titanium


►3.12 temporary crowns except immediate loading in 1 trip


►4.12 permanent crowns in acrylic, zirconium or ceramic metal base


All inclusive, with the best crowns, an all on 4 in Lisbon starts at 9,700 EUR and in Porto at 7,200 EUR.

Please note that many ads provide a cheaper price but this is just the implant! you have to add a specific abutment and the temporary crown and then the permanent crown above to be acurate! So costs displayed are only 50% of the bottom price unless you wish to have a hole with the head of a screw!

If you opt for an all on six then you will just have to add two implants to your all on four offer in Portugal. Portugal is known to be flexible in terms of dental meaning when you start your mouth restoration scheduled in one day only, the protocol can be changed. In Porto it is common to add a second jaw, switch to 6 implants or 4 implants or the contrary.

Now what is often asked is what is the breakdown price of an all on four dental implant offer in Portugal?:

 Location: Costs vary based on where the treatment is sought. Urban areas or regions with higher living expenses might have pricier dental services. In terms of dental treatments in Portugal you shall focus on Porto city and area and not Lisbon.

Dentist's Expertise: Experienced professionals might charge more due to their specialized skills in performing the All-on-4 procedure. There is about 25% price different from one dental clinic to another in Lisbon and or Porto. It then matters to compare and be advised what is the right dental clinic in Porto.

Quality of Materials: The type and quality of implants, crowns, and bridges used can impact the overall cost. Higher-quality materials often come with a higher price tag. Most offers in Porto are made of titanium.

Diagnostic Procedures: Pre-operative tests like X-rays or 3D imaging for precise planning can contribute to the total cost.

Anesthesia or Sedation: Costs for sedation or anesthesia depend on the patient's needs and the complexity of the procedure.

Additional Treatments: If bone grafts or extractions are required before the All-on-4 procedure, they'll add to the overall expense. Only sedation, cold mask or bone grafting could be options.

Post-Operative Care: Follow-up appointments and maintenance after the procedure may be included in the total cost.

Clinic Expenses: Overheads at dental facilities can affect pricing. What matters is not the accomodation additional costs but if the dental clinic in Porto has its own laboratory.

we will note the importance of dental implants in Portugal with its all on 4 in Porto or its 6 implant solutions in Portugal. Next comes classically the price of all on 4 in Turkeyall on 6 in Istanbul or dental implants in Turkey in general. Apart from that, Romania offers attractive prices of all on 4, as do dental implants in Bucharest at average prices. We will also note dental implants in Greece with its all on 4 dental implants in Greece to compare with different prices from all on 4 in Belgium or a so-called average price of dental implants in BelgiumThe all on 6 in Belgium have prices that have not changed.

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How to compare prices of an all on 4 in different countries?

You need to have an informed choice when it comes to restore your entire mouth.

Some compare Portugal to other countries such as all on 4 price in Turkey but the overall services have to be taken into account and not only the price.

Once you have checked all on 4 and other dental implants prices in Portugal, it is of course worth comparing and shopping around. You need to check all on 4 prices for some countries. If you are about to travel from far away you have also the easy solution of immediate loading, an all on 4 that is fully made few days.

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By dentists Astor, Went Pedro Oliveira and  Vittor Costa 

29 04 2024