Dental implants & all on 4 in Turkey, is it worth travelling?

Dental implants & all on 4 in Turkey

My panoramic X-ray in my hands, the quote received from my dentist and that's it, I started looking for the best all on 4 dental implants offers.

If Hungary is the great destination for dental care in Europe, as soon as I go out in my research, Turkey inevitably comes.

A large country for medical care in general, Turkey has also become a "hub" for dental tourism outside Europe, for its neighboring countries and Europe, but also for customers now from all over the world.

The fall of the local currency for 5 years and the active policy of the Turkish government help to create this prosperous environment for dental care, especially as the medical infrastructures (and therefore the practitioners) are existing.

If in Europe we have Hungary and in South and North America Mexico, we can say that for dental care we have Turkey for Asia and the Middle East. Even South Korea and Thailand do not compete with Turkey in this field.

As with everything, we have to analyze the pros and cons and for Turkey there are definite advantages and some criticisms. The end of covid has seen a huge boom in Turkey since December 2022 and the fall of the currency helped a lot to provide excellent offers especially for those that have USD dollars.

The advantages of going to Turkey for your dental treatment in 2024

The price of dental implants in Turkey

The main advantage is the price.

If for some coming from Europe there is no reimbursement from the State or from mutual funds, the prices are sometimes so interesting that it is not a problem.

When it comes to cosmetic dental care, Turkey can't be beat. It is the recommended destination for the installation of dental veneers, aesthetic dental crowns, whether from the biggest brands such as Lumineers, Emax but also "in-house" manufacturing.

When it comes to dental implants too, it's worth coming to Istanbul (or Izmir or Ankara).

- Price of a dental implant in West Europe is 1100 € price in Turkey 460$ in 2024-

The price is an average for a titanium implant. To this must be added the prosthesis and its fixing device. Final price with a zirconium crown + its abutment in Turkey costs only 830$.

There is also another advantage, and that is the choice. Turkey is the biggest destination outside of Europe in the region for dental care and you have a plethora of dental clinics. Many cosmetic surgery clinics but also all hospitals in Istanbul have a dental department, so the offer is very large.

You also have the interest of the country and especially of the capital which is a high place of tourism. This is not so unnecessary because as the protocols are rather long in Turkey with several days necessary to stay there, the tourist side is important. A plan to rebuild your teeth rarely takes 8 hours a day especially the first few days, which gives you time to visit the city. Many alternate between dental care in the mornings depending on the schedule, then visits to the Bosphorus, walking in the historic alleys etc.

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Finally, the country's infrastructure is well-versed in tourism, which means that in your dental care offers it is easy to have all the necessary services, private transport, catering, 4-star hotel but also spa, swimming pool and all the comforts possible.

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The disadvantages of going to Turkey for your dental treatment

Turkey has certain advantages but you also have to know the more negative sides.

The main negative point that comes back to the thousands of people who have had dental treatment in Turkey is time management. Indeed, whatever the protocols, it is necessary to be patient because each stay lasts several days. Medical care in general, and dental care, not being an exception, are organized in a very hierarchical and compartmentalized manner. Thus on your dental care journey you will have several appointments and will see different people in addition to the dentist. It is therefore necessary to come to a consultation, then another appointment for the x-ray, then a third for the fitting of the dental molds etc.

All quotes clearly include the length of stay and the number of nights required in a hotel. For example, whether for 2 dental veneers or for 14 dental veneers, the usual protocol is to stay for a week. You will therefore have to plan your stay by counting 7 nights on site.

If dental care is important, the first day can be devoted to assessing the situation and if general anesthesia is required or major dental treatment lasting several hours is necessary, it will begin at a fixed time early in the morning. Often in this case you will have to remember not to arrive early in the morning and therefore at night but 24 hours before.

So for example if you have to redo an entire jaw with an all on 4. The protocol will be on average one week for the various appointments, one for dental extractions, another for implants and then several for the placement of temporary dental prostheses.

By comparison, it is not uncommon for the same dental protocol to be done during the day. So for example for an all on 4 in Portugal, you will have your extractions, implants and temporary crowns during the day.

Then always ask in addition to the price, how long it will take. Also ask to compare with other countries as what can be done in one day instead of 5 or sometimes 7 days is a very important factor. Many people attracted by attractive prices do not want to spend more than a weekend there and take their days off.

In Turkey you can find almost everything when it comes to dental care, but you have to take a closer look.

First of all when it comes to cosmetic dental care, we can say that Turkey is perhaps the best place there is.

When you start to compare the services and prices offered in Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir for dental veneers, you quickly realize the importance of the destination Turkey. If for example an Emax dental veneer, the world leader in dental veneers, is 400 euros in Budapest, 950 euros or 1150 euros in France or Belgium, it is 360 euros in Romania, 620 euros in Portugal but above all below 300 euros in Turkey.

When it comes to having several dental veneers done, in general 8 to 14 veneers to have an often correct smile, the calculation is quickly done! With a unit price of around a third of the price in Western Europe, you usually save at least 5,200 euros for a well-organized stay in 4-star hotels.

Some, especially from Europe compare all on four prices in Turkey with Hungary or the famous all on 4 Portugal services but the comparison is very different in terms of quality, length of stay, costs and very results.

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The protocols of dentists in Turkey are also often well established because if dental veneers are not always sufficient dental crowns and other solutions are often offered. So we sometimes have quotes combining dental aesthetics and dental care.

The quotes always include in our clinics the airport transfer, dental care, overnight stays in a good standing hotel and there is nothing to plan except the plane and meals.

In terms of dental care, we can easily find:

- all the major brands of dental implants but some clinics impose brands that are little known or not 100% titanium, so you have to be vigilant.

- all the usual crowns with partial or total ceramic but it is difficult to find implants with dental crowns of acrylic type requiring immediate loading as it is called in technical jargon

- few dental clinics have their own laboratory so grinding of dental crowns can take a long time

- there are good, well-trained dentists but on the contrary the protocols are very long in Turkey and you have to plan to stay for a long time and sometimes come several times

- solutions are not easily found for all on 4 and people without bones, zygomatic implants and solutions like Bone Easy are not easy to find

- we easily find all on 4, all on 5, inlay and of course everything that is orthodontic

- the flexibility of dentists is quite rare and it is difficult to negotiate a dental protocol for which we would not agree

Is it worth getting your teeth back in Turkey?

We must compare what is comparable, let's take several cases.

Price of a dental all on 4 in Turkey

First case, you must have what is called a total rehabilitation, that is to say, jaw by jaw reason, whether it is the top or the bottom, you must remove your teeth, roots and place implants.


The cost breakdown of an All-on-4 dental implant system in Turkey can be dissected into various components, each influenced by specific factors:

Initial Consultation and Diagnostics:

Cost Factor: This includes the dentist's examination, X-rays, CT scans, or 3D imaging.
Influence on Cost: The complexity and extent of diagnostics needed impact the overall cost. Advanced imaging or additional consultations might increase expenses. Usually quotes are free and sometimes you can have remot Whatsapp video consultations, just ask us.

Implants and Materials:

Cost Factor: The price of dental implants, abutments, and prosthetic materials like crowns or bridges.
Influence on Cost: The quality and brand of implants, the material used for prosthetics (e.g., porcelain, zirconia), and whether they're standard or custom-made can significantly affect the overall cost. The dental implant brand will mainly affect the price, the average price of a standard implant in Istanbul is 600$ then comes the crowns depending if they are in zirconium or not.

Surgery and Anesthesia:

Cost Factor: Surgical placement of implants and the anesthesia or sedation used during the procedure.
Influence on Cost: Complexity of surgery, need for bone grafting, choice of anesthesia (local or general), and the duration of the procedure can impact costs. It is most of the time included in offers in Turkey unless you want an additional deep sedation if you feel some stress before the procedure.

Number of Implants:

Cost Factor: The total number of implants required for the procedure.
Influence on Cost: All-on-4 typically uses four implants per arch. Any deviation from this standard, such as additional implants or a single arch treatment, alters the cost. If you add 2 implants then of course in Istanbul you will have to opt for an all on 6 dental implant system.

Laboratory Costs and Prosthetics:

Cost Factor: Fabrication of customized prosthetics, crowns, or bridges in a dental laboratory. What matters is that your Turkish dental clinic has its own lab meaning you will be able to follow the quality, be sure the dental clinic has pricing power and avoid waisting precious time with many back and forth from the dental clinic in Istanbul to the centers in the outskirts most of the time.

Post-Operative Care and Follow-Ups:

Cost Factor: Follow-up appointments, adjustments, and maintenance after the procedure. Influence on Cost: The number of follow-up visits and any additional care required influence the overall cost. Our costs mentioned online are only for two trips protocol and not immediate loading protocol. 
 Additional Treatments or Complications: complications, if it happens, are always included and any options not mentioned in your dental quote shall be added.

The all on 4 in Egypt remains the reference in the world in terms of price. You will typically find the all on 4 in Thailand with dental implants in Bangkok which are sometimes interesting but with fairly long protocols.

If in dental implants in France in general, some are looking for the price of all on 4 in France or how much does an all on 6 cost in France we see that the increase in the prices of complementary insurance does not help much. No need to look for all on 4 in Germany or all on 4 in Spain for price reasons but rather try to ask for competitive prices from 2024 of all on 4 in Poland or all on 4 in Hungary.

If your need is a dental all on 4 in Istanbul or Bodrum, Ankara or Izmir it will be:

1.extractions of all your teeth + roots


2. Insertion of 4 implants instead of 4 to 12 implants


3. Placement of temporary dental crowns except one-time trip desired


4. Installation of final crowns in zirconium, acrylic or mixed ceramic


5. 7 nights in hotels on average + 1 or 2 flights depending on the protocol

I.e. you need to add for each jaw these costs, the expected bottom line will be in average  6500 to 7200 $. In last surveys and other figures coming back from our several dental clinics from January 2024 shows that there is a real rise of inflations with some peeks. However the main price factor in the country is the currency that does not help maintening a low inflation but "helps" mainting the currency as a cheap one for dental tourists that mostly pay in USD dollars. The yearly variation of sometimes more than 30% compared to dollar enable to build or destroy dentists margins.

Let's say that in mid 2023 we have not seen any major price increase compared to other countries. It is less true for GBP and EUR holders compared to USD holders.

Some will say that even a 10% increase from a low price is not that much because in home countries of dental tourists you may also have a 10% increase and even a 5% would mean a lot more compare to an average 1 to 4 price ratio with USA.

Therefore in 2024 we are confident to say that Turkey will still represent one of the cheapest country of the world for dental treatments.

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The downside is that you must add fligth tickets and often stay several days as local protocols require to stay often 5 days for an all on 4 first phase while in other countries (ie in Portugal) it is 24h only.

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Price of dental veneers in Turkey

Now take the case of a person wanting the aesthetic part. On average 8 facets are redone per visit. You will have to stay 7 days in Turkey.

►► Emax dental veneers in Turkey

If you do this in UK you will be around 9,500 £, 13,000$ in the US, 7,400 € in France for 2,900 $ to 3,500 $ in Istanbul.

Should you wish to restore your entire mouth with more than 18 veneers, that's even more interesting. The length of stay will not be changed and the price will be even cheaper in comparison.

In conclusion we will say that you must carefully study the details of your dental quote in Turkey. If this is obvious, it is important to know the exact treatment plan, what each day is devoted to. Discuss it with dentists and specialists, compare the same dental treatment plan with other countries. It is worth travelling to have dental implants in Turkey but before travelling, take a closer look.

01 01 2024 By dentists Astor, Pedro Oliveira Went and Vittor Costa