Eye color change simulation in Austria: June 2024 average price

The average June 2024 cost of Eye color change simulation in Austria is 102 €

The June 2024 Price range is 85-119 €

The typical average cost and price range for Eye color change simulation are taken from 2 Clinic prices and fee lists among 11 Doctors. 

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Eye color change simulation June 2024

Clinic Average/As of Price
Vienna AKH Hospital ( Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090, Wien) from 70€
Clinic Worseg Vienna ( Sieveringerstraße 36, 1190, Vienna) from 100€

What is Eye color change simulation in Austria

Eye color change simulation refers to the use of digital imaging technology to create a visual representation or simulation of how a person's eye color might appear after undergoing an eye color change procedure. This simulation can be performed using specialized software or apps that allow users to upload a photo of their face and digitally alter the color of their eyes.The process typically involves the following steps:

 Selection of software or app: Users can choose from a variety of software programs or mobile applications specifically designed for simulating eye color changes. These tools often offer a range of features, including different eye color options, customization settings, and advanced editing capabilities.

 Upload photo: Users upload a clear, high-quality photo of their face to the software or app. Some programs may provide guidance on how to position the face within the frame and ensure optimal lighting for accurate color rendering.

 Eye color selection: Users select their desired eye color from a predefined palette or color wheel. Many programs offer a wide range of colors, including natural hues like brown, blue, green, and gray, as well as more unconventional or fantasy colors. Preview and comparison: The software or app generates a simulated image of the user's face with the altered eye color, allowing them to preview the result and compare it to their original eye color. Users can assess the realism and aesthetic appeal of the simulated eye color change and make further adjustments if needed.

If you are not using an application then just send a photo of your eyes wide open with good definition for a simulation by one of the rare keratopigmentation ophthalmologists.Eye color change simulation can be a helpful tool for individuals considering cosmetic eye color change procedures, allowing them to visualize potential outcomes and make more informed decisions about whether to pursue treatment.  

Eye color change simulation in Austria

Clinics in Austria are in general well rated. They are mainly concentrated in Vienna capital and outside Vienna you will find mainly clinics an Privatklinik as it is named in the country in Graz, Salzburg and Linz. Most medical univertsities are located in Vienna or in Innsbruck. Austria is well reputed for its Clinics, Hospitals and dental clinics networks with more than 25 main private clinics. Stem cells clinics and plastic surgery clinics are one of the key medical part of Austrian medical system

References and collaboration: Dr Hojabr

Eye color change simulation before after photos

Wien, Austria

Eye color change simulation Price: from 70 €
Vienna, Austria

Eye color change simulation Price: from 100 €