Penoplasty in Ukraine: June 2024 average price

The average June 2024 cost of Penoplasty in Ukraine is 6044 €

The June 2024 Price range is 5037-7052 €

The typical average cost and price range for Penoplasty are taken from 7 Clinic prices and fee lists among 39 Doctors. 

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Penoplasty June 2024

Clinic Average/As of Price
Adonis Clinic ( Dniprovska Embankment, 26-К, 02000, Kyiv) from 5300€
Odessa Dental ( Bazarna str, 106, 65020, Odessa) from 4900€
Tovmed CP Clinic ( Lebedynskogo Street 7, 21000, Vinnytsia) from 4930€
Certus Clinic ( City Clinic Hospital #3 Petra Zaporozhtsya St, 26 Kyiv, 02000, Kyiv) from 4930€
UA Plastic Surgery ( Глубочицкая, 32-Б, 02000, Kiev) from 4900€
Vitality Clinic ( 39 Spaska St, 02000, kyiv) from 5000€
Kiev TO Hospital ( Laboratornyi Ln, 20, 01133, Kyiv) from 5300€

What is Penoplasty in Ukraine

Penoplasty commonly refers to penis surgery and can mean several things and techniques.

We refer here to penis enhancement or enlargement including the increase of its length and girth. Penoplasty is not a curvature surgery, this surgery is specific and has different treatment plans. It is also not a phalloplasty that means a very different technique and protocol in many country including sex reassignement. 

Penoplasty is a cosmetic surgery aimed to increase the length and or the girth of the penis but not to treat erectil dysfunction.

Penoplasty in Ukraine

Ukraine has a large medical offer. Foreign patients mainly seek after plastic surgery and in vitro fertilization in Kiev especially with surrogacy services.

References and collaboration: Dr Jethon

Kyiv, Ukraine

Penoplasty Price: from 5300 €
Odessa, Ukraine

Penoplasty Price: from 4900 €
Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Penoplasty Price: from 4930 €
Kyiv, Ukraine

Penoplasty Price: from 4930 €
Kiev, Ukraine

Penoplasty Price: from 4900 €
kyiv, Ukraine

Penoplasty Price: from 5000 €
Kyiv, Ukraine

Penoplasty Price: from 5300 €