Hymenoplasty in Tunisia: May 2024 average price

The average May 2024 cost of Hymenoplasty in Tunisia is 990 €

The May 2024 Price range is 990 €

The typical average cost and price range for Hymenoplasty are taken from 2 Clinic prices and fee lists among 11 Doctors. 

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Hymenoplasty May 2024

Clinic Average/As of Price
TDS Clinic Tunis ( Résidence yasmine du Lac, 1053, Tunis) 990€

What is Hymenoplasty in Tunisia

Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery, is a surgical procedure aimed at repairing or reconstructing the hymen, a thin membrane located at the opening of the vagina. The procedure is typically performed for cultural, religious, or personal reasons, such as to restore the appearance of an intact hymen or to fulfill cultural or social expectations regarding virginity.

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In traditional hymenoplasty, the surgeon reapproximates the remnants of the torn hymen using dissolvable sutures. If the hymen is insufficient or absent, the surgeon may create a new hymenal ring using the surrounding tissue, known as hymenotomy, or use tissue grafts from other areas of the body to reconstruct the hymen. The other protocol is laser hymenoplasty to perform hymenoplasty, which can offer advantages such as reduced bleeding, less tissue trauma, and faster healing compared to traditional surgical techniques. Laser hymenoplasty may be preferred for patients seeking a less invasive approach with minimal scarring.

Hymenoplasty is a highly specialized surgical procedure that requires skill and expertise to achieve optimal results. It's essential for patients to undergo a thorough consultation with a qualified surgeon, discuss their expectations and concerns openly, and carefully consider the risks and benefits of hymenoplasty before proceeding with surgery. Additionally, patients should be aware that hymenoplasty does not guarantee virginity or restore physiological function, and cultural or social expectations regarding virginity should be addressed through open communication and education.

Hymenoplasty in Tunisia

Tunisia has an average healthcare system and part of it is dedicated to medical tourism. Well known for its cheap pricing policy Tunisia is focused mainly on plastic surgery with cheap breast implants or abdominoplasty in Tunis city.

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Tunis, Tunisia

Hymenoplasty Price: 990 €