All-on-6 Dental implant in Italy: May 2024 average price

The average May 2024 cost of All-on-6 Dental implant in Italy is 13979 €

The May 2024 Price range is 11649-16309 €

The typical average cost and price range for All-on-6 Dental implant are taken from 6 Clinic prices and fee lists among 33 Doctors. 

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All-on-6 Dental implant May 2024

Clinic Average/As of Price
Humanitas Hospital ( Via A.Manzoni, 56, 20089, Milan) from 13500€
Europan Institute of Oncology ( Via Ripamonti 435, 20141, Milan) from 12900€
Vista Vision Roma ( Via Giovanni Battista de Rossi, 22, 00161, Roma) from 10800€
Vista Vision Milano ( Via Luigi Rizzo, 8, 20151, Milano) from 13200€
Clinic Fantozzi ( Via della Purificazione, 8, 00187, Rome) from 9500€
Centro Chirurgico Toscano ( Via dei Lecci,22, 52100, Arezzo) from 9999€

What is All-on-6 Dental implant in Italy

"All-on-6" dental implants is a dental restoration procedure that involves the placement of six dental implants in the jawbone to support a fixed prosthesis, usually made of 10 or 12 dental crowns that replaces a full arch of missing teeth. This approach offers increased stability and support compared to traditional dentures and can provide patients with a more natural-looking and functional smile.

The protocol for an "All-on-6" dental implants starts with an online consultation (an x-ray is enough for Whatsapp video consultation) or at the dental clinic with a thorough consultation with a qualified prosthodontist or oral surgeon who specializes in dental implant procedures. During this consultation, the dentist will assess your oral health, discuss your treatment goals, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for "All-on-6" implants or maybe an "all on 4" dental implant system. In some cases, exactly as for an all on four, preparatory procedures may be necessary before implant placement. This could include tooth extractions, bone grafting to augment bone volume in areas of bone deficiency, or treatment for gum disease. In this case the protocol that is usually in two steps (or two trips for those who travel as dental tourists) might lead to a three phases (and so 3 trips).

The dentist will surgically place six dental implants into the jawbone at strategic locations to maximize support and stability for the final prosthesis. The implants are typically distributed evenly across the arch to ensure optimal load distribution and support. This is done after teeth and root canal extractions. Usually this is done in the morning while temporary crowns are done in the afternoon.

Following implant placement, a temporary prosthesis may be attached to the implants to restore function and aesthetics while the implants integrate with the jawbone (a process called osseointegration). This temporary prosthesis allows patients to eat and speak comfortably during the healing period, which typically lasts several months. In average it is between 4 to 6 months maximum and these prostheses in the number of 12 per jaw are inserted to last around one year maximum. Healing and osseointegration: Over the next few months, the implants will fuse with the surrounding bone, providing a stable foundation for the final prosthesis. During this time, regular follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor healing and ensure optimal implant integration.

Once osseointegration is complete and the implants have become fully integrated with the jawbone, the dentist will take impressions of the implants and surrounding tissues to fabricate the final prosthesis. This prosthesis is custom-designed to fit your mouth precisely and provide optimal function and aesthetics.Prosthesis placement: The final prosthesis is securely attached to the implants, restoring a full arch of teeth and providing a natural-looking smile that functions like natural teeth. The dentist will ensure that the prosthesis fits comfortably and functions properly before finalizing the treatment. It requires a lot of time before placing the permanent crown to make them. Each one of your dental crown is unique is fits your jaw, mouth, surrounding teeth. It is usually "cooked" in a dedicated oven that enables to cook ceramic and zirconium.
Such as an "all on 4", the "All-on-6 dental" implants offer a durable, stable, and aesthetically pleasing solution for patients with extensive tooth loss, providing them with improved chewing ability, speech clarity, and confidence in their smile. The protocol does not change with an "all on 6" compared to an "all on 4", you shall have the same day surgery and adding 2 more implants will not change the planning.

"All on 6" versus "all on 4": despite many debates and opinions, in general "all on 4" represent about 80% of dental works compared to 20% for "all on 6" dental implants.

All-on-6 Dental implant in Italy

Italy has a large healthcare system with more than 1000 clinics and hospitals covering all the country. The main clinics are located in Rome, Milan and Naples and they cover all types of treatments. Italy has developped some medical specialties like keratopigmentation eye color change or Biofibre hair transplant. 

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References and collaboration: EU Dental Association

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Milan, Italy

All-on-6 Dental implant Price: from 13500 €
Milan, Italy

All-on-6 Dental implant Price: from 12900 €
Roma, Italy

All-on-6 Dental implant Price: from 10800 €
Milano, Italy

All-on-6 Dental implant Price: from 13200 €
Rome, Italy

All-on-6 Dental implant Price: from 9500 €
Arezzo, Italy

All-on-6 Dental implant Price: from 9999 €