Nobel Biocare Implant in Poland: May 2024 average price

The average May 2024 cost of Nobel Biocare Implant in Poland is 1043 €

The May 2024 Price range is 888-1199 €

The typical average cost and price range for Nobel Biocare Implant are taken from 12 Clinic prices and fee lists among 66 Doctors. 

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Nobel Biocare Implant May 2024

Clinic Average/As of Price
Invicta Clinic ( Złota 6, 00-019, Warszawa) from 990€
Optimum Clinic ( Władysława Broniewskiego 3, 01-785, Warsaw) from 990€
Radosc Clinic ( Patriotów 181, 04-881, Warszawa - Wawer) from 990€
Gyncentrum Clinic ( Żelazna 1, 40-851, Katowice) from 550€
Skopia Clinic ( Josepha Conrada 79, 31-357, Kraków) from 820€
Gizinscy Clinic ( Leśna 9A, Bydgoszcz, 85-676, Warsaw) 990-1120€

What is Nobel Biocare Implant in Poland

Nobel Biocare is a leading manufacturer of dental implants and related products. Nobel Biocare implants are designed to replace missing teeth and provide a stable foundation for dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.  

This is one of the famous dental implant brand such as Straumann but this is often not a brand used by dental clinics but more an option.

 Nobel Biocare implants are typically made of biocompatible materials such as titanium or titanium alloy. They feature a threaded screw-like design that is surgically placed into the jawbone to mimic the root of a natural tooth. The implants come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different clinical situations and treatment needs.

 The placement of Nobel Biocare implants is typically performed by a qualified oral surgeon or periodontist. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, and in some cases, sedation may be used to ensure patient comfort. Using specialized instruments and techniques, the surgeon prepares the implant site in the jawbone and inserts the implant with precision. After placement, Nobel Biocare implants undergo a process called osseointegration, during which they fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. This integration process typically takes several months, during which the implant becomes stable and secure within the jawbone.

 Once osseointegration is complete, the implant is ready to receive the final restoration. Depending on the patient's treatment plan and clinical needs, the restoration may be a crown, bridge, or denture attached to the implant via an abutment. Nobel Biocare offers a range of prosthetic components and solutions to achieve optimal esthetics and function.

Nobel Biocare implants are known for their high quality, reliability, and long-term success rates. They have been widely used in implant dentistry for decades and are backed by extensive research, clinical studies, and scientific evidence.  

In most dental quotes and all on 4 or all on 6 quotes, Nobel Biocare implants are an option in dental clinic.

Tip: ask your dental clinic if it has a laboratory, visit it and ask to see how dental implants look like, what are they made of and what dentist would recommend.

Nobel Biocare Implant in Poland

Healthcare system in Poland is very fexible. With more than 1200 clinics and hospital, Poland is one of the leading country in terms of medical offer in Europe. About one third of the hospitals are privately held and you will find thousands doctors and dentists practicing alone. Dentistry and plastic surgery are the most searched treatments in Poland. Some also choose routine surgeries such as orthopedics but also bariatric surgeries or ivf thanks to a favorable regulation.

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References and collaboration: EU Dental Association - Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare Implant before after photos

Warszawa, Poland

Nobel Biocare Implant Price: from 990 €
Warsaw, Poland

Nobel Biocare Implant Price: from 990 €
Warszawa - Wawer, Poland

Nobel Biocare Implant Price: from 990 €
Katowice, Poland

Nobel Biocare Implant Price: from 550 €
Kraków, Poland

Nobel Biocare Implant Price: from 820 €
Warsaw, Poland

Nobel Biocare Implant Price: 990-1120 €