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Oregon dentist Dr. Azadeh Khajavi has been in the practice of dentistry for more than two years. Via her office at San Diego, the professional sees patients for routine cleanings and cosmetic dentistry services as well as other critical issues examples of which include temporomandibular joint TMJ dysfunction and neuromuscular problems. For so many years, Dr. Azadeh Khajavi has transitioned her practice to cater more toward implant dentistry. She continues to serve as director of clinic responsibilities.

In case that you find your gums, teeth, and jaw are not functioning as rewuired of them, and there is pain and discomfort in use—you may be a perfect candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Call and schedule your appointment with Excellence Dental dentist Dr. Amy Khajav to know how she can restore the functions of your teeth, gums, and jaw, give back your beaming smile, and dramatically enhance your quality of life.

During your preliminary dental exam, Dr. Khajav will carefully conduct an examination on your mouth to determine the magnitude of the dental problems you have. Dr. Khajav will also visit both your dental and medical history. As a part of the investigation to begin with, there may be any need to have impressions made and X-rays done of your lower and upper teeth. Then, after this assessment, Dr. Khajav will create a personalized treatment plan to resolve your dental issues.

Usually, What Does Full Dental Reconstruction Include?

A full mouth reconstruction usually involves makes use of two or more restorative procedures that are carried out over a period of several months. The personalized treatment plan may include:

•Replacement of missing teeth, dental implantation
•Dental crowns to sustain performance of chipped or damaged teeth
•Porcelain veneers to address uneven tooth alignment or worn out tooth enamel
•Using dental bridges to close gap between two teeth
•Full or partial dentures to substitute missing teeth
•Gum treatment to restore recessed or diseased gums
•TMJ treatment to enhance the bite and lessen TMD symptoms

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are try seeking for a dental solutions for multiple dental problems which are affecting the way you chew, eat, or even living your daily life, make an arrangement with Dr. Amy Khajav today to have a full information about full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Khajav is an expert and experienced dental practitioner who has helped and served many patients within the Rosarito area to attain healthy and beautiful smiles.

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Plastic Surgery /Body

Abdominal etching (6 pack abs)
Price: from 5000 € Contact
Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
Price: from 4900 € Contact
Brazilian Buttock Lift
Price: from 3500 € Contact
Breast Augmentation
Price: from 3900 € Contact
Breast Lift/Mammoplasty
Price: from 3900 € Contact
Breast Lipofilling (fat transfer)
Price: from 3900 € Contact
Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling)
Price: from 3600 € Contact
Buttock Implants
Price: from 5000 € Contact
Buttock Lift/Augmentation
Price: from 3600 € Contact
Price: from 5000 € Contact
Price: from 900 € Contact
Price: from 2300 € Contact
Price: from 3900 € Contact
Liposuction (various areas)
Price: from 2200 € Contact
Penis Surgery/enhancement
Price: from 5300 € Contact
Price: from 5300 € Contact
Plastic surgery clinics
Price: from 1000 € Contact


All-on-4 Dental Implant
Price: from 9500 € Contact
All-on-6 Dental implant
Price: 10500-11500 € Contact
Braces/Damon Braces
Price: from 2500 € Contact
Dental Braces
Price: from 1400 € Contact
Dental Crown (any type)
Price: from 450 € Contact
Dental Implant
Price: 900-1150 € Contact

IVF/Fertility Treatment

Artificial Insemination
Price: from 2400 € Contact
Fertility clinics
Price: from 1000 € Contact
IVF with sex/gender selection
Price: from 7000 € Contact

Plastic Surgery/Face

Price: from 1500 € Contact
Eye color change procedure
Price: from 7400 € Contact
Eye color change simulation
Price: from 60 € Contact
Price: from 5000 € Contact
Price: from 7700 € Contact
Price: from 5500 € Contact

General Medicine/Surgery

Bunion/hallux valgus
Price: from 3500 € Contact
Cataract Surgery
Price: from 1500 € Contact
MRI Imaging
Price: from 250 € Contact
Penile/Penis Implants
Price: from 11500 € Contact
Price: from 600 € Contact
Stem Cell Facelift
Price: from 4100 € Contact

Hair Restoration

Hair transplant 1000+ (FUE/FUT)
Price: from 1400 € Contact


Skin Lightening Whitening
Price: from 199 € Contact
Skin whitening injections
Price: 199-990 € Contact
Skin whitening natural supplements
Price: 199-990 € Contact
Skin Whitening solutions at home
Price: from 199 € Contact

Bariatric Surgery

Sleeve Gastrectomy
Price: from 8300 € Contact

Plastic Surgery/Face

Rhinoplasty best offer
Price: from 5500 € Contact
Rhinoplasty Cheap Price Package
Price: from 3900 € Contact

Bariatric Surgery

Sleeve best value for money
Price: from 8300 € Contact
Sleeve Cheap Price Package
Price: from 6000 € Contact