Art Implant Dental Clinic

București, Romania

Guided Bone Regeneration in Romania

Where to Find Art Implant Dental Clinic

Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu 35, 030167, București


At Art Implant clinic, the main focus is on foreign patients and making them to know specialized dental treatments in Romania, at very affordable prices, in a conducive environment and exceptional organization services.

All dental treatments performed at Art Implant Clinic are accomplished with MAXIMUM EXIGENCY, and only carried out by Medical Specialists, with the latest super- professional equipment and the highest quality dental materials with most innovative properties- putting into consideration that the motto of the clinic is “PAINLESS TREATMENT”, the whole of the Medical Team are 100% dedicated towards the treatments of the patient in order to prove to the patient that he/she can really achieve any dental labor PAINLESSLY.

Services carried out at Art Implant clinic are:

•General dentistry
•Dental aesthetics

Upon your arrival to Art Implant Dental Clinic, you will be received by a team of Medical Specialists who are ready to provide all necessary information and assist you in selecting the right treatment solutions and dental healthcare for you.

At Art Implant Dental Clinic, the goal is to provide patients, the best, gentle and efficient treatment, in all respects. The Staff’s attitude is the warmest and kindest possible, turning your relationship with the dentist into a real pleasure.

Immediately the specialized checkup is completed, you will be provided with an ESTIMATE which consists of a treatment plan together with costs and of course several treatment options from which you will be able to select what you think is best and convenient for you in every way.

Art Implant Dental Clinic - Facilities

  • Family accommodation
  • Accessible disabled people
  • Parking
  • Wireless access
  • Public transport access
  • Special dietary requests accepted
  • Personal assistance

Art Implant Dental Clinic - Pricing details and cost breakdown

Doctor's fee Doctor's fee
Anesthesia fee Anesthesia fee
Medical Team Fees Medical Team Fees
Laboratory Fees Laboratory Fees
Clinic Fees Clinic Fees
Clinic Equipment Clinic Equipment

All Dentistry Treatments in București, Romania

Guided Bone Regeneration
Price: 970 € Contact

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery /Body

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
Price: from 4100 € Contact
apronectomy/Mini-tummy tuck
Price: from 2200 € Contact
Arm Lift Surgery
Price: from 2200 € Contact
body Lift
Price: 2500 € Contact
Brazilian Buttock Augmentation
Price: from 3500 € Contact
Breast Augmentation
Price: from 2800 € Contact
Breast Implants
Price: from 3100 € Contact
Breast Implants Removal
Price: from 3300 € Contact
Breast Lift/Mammoplasty
Price: from 3100 € Contact
Breast Lipofilling (fat transfer)
Price: from 3100 € Contact
Breast Reconstruction
Price: from 3300 € Contact
Breast Reduction
Price: from 3300 € Contact
Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling)
Price: 3600-3900 € Contact
Buttock Lift/Augmentation
Price: from 3200 € Contact
Calf implant
Price: from 3300 € Contact
cellulite Treatment
Price: 1200-1400 € Contact
Price: 1100-1300 € Contact
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Price: from 4100 € Contact


Achilles Tendon Rupture
Price: 0-1600 € Contact
Ankle Treatment/Surgery
Price: from 320 € Contact
Bunion Surgery/hallux valgus
Price: from 1900 € Contact


Acrylic/Acetal Denture
Price: 390 € Contact
All-on-4 Dental Implant
Price: 4600-6500 € Contact
All-on-6 Dental Implant
Price: 5700 € Contact
Price: from 550 € Contact
Price: from 120 € Contact
BioHorizons Implant
Price: from 1100 € Contact
Braces/Damon Braces
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Dental Braces
Price: 670-960 € Contact
Dental Crown on implant (Porcelain/zirconium)
Price: 400-450 € Contact
Dental Implant
Price: 580-1550 € Contact
Dental Implant Removal
Price: 270 € Contact
dental treatment
Price: from 90 € Contact
Dental X Ray
Price: 90 € Contact
Price: from 90 € Contact
dentistry consultation
Price: 90 € Contact
Guided Bone Regeneration
Price: 970 € Contact
Price: 90-150 € Contact
root canal (1 canal)
Price: 25-65 € Contact
Sinus Lift
Price: 650-950 € Contact
Straumann Implant
Price: from 580 € Contact
Tooth Extraction
Price: 65-80 € Contact

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery/Face

Price: from 2500 € Contact
Asian Blepharoplasty
Price: from 1100 € Contact
Balloon Sinuplasty
Price: 1200-1300 € Contact
Cheek Augmentation
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Cheekbone Reduction
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Chin Surgery/Mentoplasty
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Price: 0-3900 € Contact
Facelift (Fat Transfer)
Price: 0-3900 € Contact


Alzheimer's Consultation
Price: from 110 € Contact

General Medicine/Surgery

Anal Fistula Surgery
Price: 420 € Contact
Check-up diagnostics
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Consultation General Medicine
Price: from 90 € Contact
Price: from 1200 € Contact
General Surgery Consultation
Price: from 90 € Contact


Angina Pectoris Treatment
Price: from 320 € Contact
Aortic Valve Repair
Price: from 3000 € Contact
Cardiology Consultation
Price: from 90 € Contact

Stem Cells Treatments

Anti Aging - Stem Cells
Price: from 3000 € Contact

Spine Surgery

Artificial Disc Replacement
Price: 6200-6900 € Contact

IVF/Fertility Treatment

Artificial Insemination
Price: 1200-1500 € Contact
Assisted Hatching
Price: 1500 € Contact
Egg Freezing
Price: from 300 € Contact
IVF Egg donation - Asian woman
Price: from 4500 € Contact
IVF Egg donation - black woman
Price: from 4500 € Contact
IVF Egg donation - Indian woman
Price: from 4500 € Contact

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Price: from 90 € Contact
Gastric Balloon
Price: from 3500 € Contact
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Price: from 7000 € Contact

Hair Restoration

Beard Transplant
Price: from 1400 € Contact
Body Hair Transplant
Price: from 1500 € Contact


botox Treatment
Price: from 150 € Contact
dermal Fillers
Price: from 350 € Contact
Laser Tattoo Removal
Price: from 90 € Contact
Scar/Acne Scar Treatment
Price: from 90 € Contact

Oncology - Cancer Care

Breast Lumpectomy
Price: from 3300 € Contact


Cataract Surgery
Price: from 1200 € Contact

Cosmetic dentistry

Ceramic Crown
Price: 220-360 € Contact
Cerec Veneer
Price: 360-470 € Contact
Dental Crown (Porcelain/zirconium)
Price: 500 € Contact
Emax veneers
Price: from 620 € Contact
Zirconium Dental Crown
Price: 360-450 € Contact


Gratiela Balazadeh

Gratiela Balazadeh