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Hair Implant - Biofibre in Spain

Hair Implant - Biofibre


Why choosing our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Barcelona?
Because you are selecting a team of recognized professionals, with more than 10 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. Here you have the advantages of trusting Antiaging Group Barcelona:

We work to obtain the most natural look that meets your expectations.
We will recommend you the procedures you need to meet your expectations, no more. Information is a must for the patient.
All consultations take place with our surgeons, not with commercials or patient care assistants.
We know your time is gold. That is why we give you the possibility to speed up the process. We can arrange everything to have it ready for a single stay (consultation, procedure, etc), once agreed upon procedures and quotes.

Dr. Jesús Benito Ruiz and his team of surgeons are all registered and certified surgeons. Dr. Benito is registered at the General Medical Council (license 6061871) as well at the Medical Council of Barcelona. Always trust certified surgeons. You can do further research with their license number.
Dr. Benito is a worldwide authority in plastic, cosmetic and regenerative surgery, he has carried out extensive research published at best medical journals. He introduced the subfascial axillary approach in Spain and was awarded with McGhan Award for such progress. He is the co-founder of the Spanish National Society of Fat Transfer Applications. He is also a pioneer in male plastic surgery. Feel free to know more about Dr. Jesús Benito experience.
Our facilities are fully equipped with the latest accredited technologies.

Our clinic is located at La Clínica Tres Torres, a private medical center located in one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona. This is an accredited hospital, fully equipped with latest technologies, intensive care unit, modern operating rooms and board certified anesthesiologists.
We only use full tested and approved implants (by US F.D.A and EU). We work with Allergan and Polytech products, with this manufacturers’ warranty.

Our facilities are designed to provide our patients a private environment.
We comply with all the Spanish data protection laws. Read more on our legal notice.

Where to Find Antiaging Barcelona

Antiaging Barcelona - Facilities

  • Accessible disabled people
  • Parking
  • TV in the room
  • Wireless access
  • Medical records transfer
  • Public transport access
  • Personal assistance

Antiaging Barcelona - Pricing details and cost breakdown

Doctor's fee Doctor's fee
Anesthesia fee Anesthesia fee
Medical Team Fees Medical Team Fees
Clinic Fees Clinic Fees
Clinic Equipment Clinic Equipment

Antiaging Barcelona - Certifications

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Sociedad Espanola de Cirugia Plastica Sociedad Espanola de Cirugia Plastica
  • Asociación Española de Cirugía Estética Plástica Asociación Española de Cirugía Estética Plástica

All Hair Restoration Treatments in Barcelona, Spain

Hair Implant - Biofibre
Price: Enquire Contact

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery - Body

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
Price: from € 7690 Contact
Arm Lift Surgery
Price: from € 4560 Contact
Belt Lipectomy
Price: from € 6900 Contact
Body Lift
Price: Enquire Contact
Breast Augmentation
Price: from € 8800 Contact
Breast Implants Removal
Price: Enquire Contact
Breast Lift/Mammoplasty
Price: from € 7000 Contact
Breast Reconstruction
Price: from € 8000 Contact
Breast Reduction
Price: from € 6700 Contact
Butt Implant
Price: from € 6900 Contact
Buttock Augmentation (Fat)
Price: from € 6900 Contact
Buttock Lift/Augmentation
Price: from € 7500 Contact
Cellulite Treatment
Price: Enquire Contact
Clitoral Hood
Price: Enquire Contact
Cosmetic Gynaecology
Price: Enquire Contact
Fat Reduction
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Genital Reshaping
Price: Enquire Contact
Gynecomastia/Male Chest
Price: Enquire Contact
Price: Enquire Contact
Price: Enquire Contact
Price: Enquire Contact
Liposuction (various areas)
Price: from € 4190 Contact
Liposuction vaser technique
Price: from € 4190 Contact
Pectoral Implants
Price: Enquire Contact
Penis Surgery/enhancement
Price: Enquire Contact
Price: Enquire Contact
Sex Reassignment F. to M.
Price: Enquire Contact
Sex Reassignment M. to F.
Price: Enquire Contact
Thigh Lift
Price: from € 6900 Contact
Price: Enquire Contact

Hair Restoration

Beard Transplant
Price: Enquire Contact
Eyebrow Transplant
Price: Enquire Contact
Hair Implant - Biofibre
Price: Enquire Contact
Hair Loss Consultation
Price: Enquire Contact
Hair Thickening
Price: Enquire Contact
Hairline Treatment
Price: Enquire Contact

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery - Face

Cheek Augmentation
Price: from € 3900 Contact
Chin Surgery/Mentoplasty
Price: from € 3700 Contact
Eye Bag Removal
Price: from € 2400 Contact
Eyelid Surgery-Blepharoplasty
Price: from € 2400 Contact
Price: from € 7500 Contact
Lip Augmentation
Price: from € 255 Contact
Lip Reduction
Price: from € 1700 Contact
Neck Lifting
Price: Enquire Contact
Price: from € 2500 Contact
Price: from € 5300 Contact
Price: from € 5300 Contact

General Medicine/Surgery

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Price: Enquire Contact
Impotence Treatment
Price: Enquire Contact

IVF/Fertility Treatment

Male Fertility Treatment
Price: Enquire Contact


Migraine Treatment
Price: from € 750 Contact


Scar/Acne Scar Treatment
Price: from € 140 Contact


Jesús Benito Ruiz

Jesús Benito Ruiz