Instituto de Fertilidad

Palma de mallorca, Spain

Where to Find Instituto de Fertilidad

C/ Calçat nº6 (Esquina Fertilitzants) Son Val, 07011, Palma de mallorca


Fertility Institute is an enterprise focussing on assisting individual base on reproduction; it is situated in in Palma de Mallorca with so many years of experience validating all their professional practice. Hiring the finest team of well-known and involved the determined in their human and professional work.
Since its launch, it has been emphasized and well known by their qualifications, professionalism and enthusiasm to every of their patients and treatments are carried out successfully aiming to realize the best possible outcome such as high pregnancy rates. Every Individual is highly trained and state of the art technological equipment is available to achieve the same objective with each individual patient, the birth of a healthy child within a family.

Constant training, practice and upgrade to the up-to-date international developments in fertility and assisted reproduction make at the Institute of Fertility count with highly experienced medical team to offer patient the treatment they require, using the most exceptional possible method.

The institute accommodate spaces designed for every fertility task and function to be carried out in order to realize a comfortable, convenient and adequate operational environment for all patients and professionals. The laboratories are highly taken care of to ensure not external factor causing difficulties, the centre and heart of aided reproduction. Thus, the rooms where patients are being treated are designed in realizing an atmosphere of relief and optimization, providing individuals with the most specialized of time to attain their fertility related goals taking advantage of professionally advanced technology and all other human endeavour.

There are numerous and extensive variety of art fertility treatments solutions that Fertility Institute offers: Ovulation Induction, artificial insemination, in vitro / ICSI fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), preimplantation genetic diagnosis, assisted hatching, reception oocyte transfer frozen embryos, testicular biopsy, donor sperm, semen freezing, andrology laboratory, embryology laboratory, oocyte vitrification, fertility preservation, fertility chip, testicular biopsy, clothing method. Once patient have determined what factors are male and / or female that deter or prevent getting pregnant, the medical gynecology doctor carries out a diagnostic procedure in women (physical examination, blood tests, ultrasound, hysterosalpingography, etc.), the urologist carries out simultaneous the examination of man (physical examination, blood tests, spermiograms, etc.).

A few essential qualities must be met in order to become an egg donor in Fertility Institute, example of such qualities are:

•It is necessary that the donor is between 18 and 35 years.
•Be physically and mentally healthy.
•Make a commitment to treatment

Instituto de Fertilidad - Facilities

  • Family accommodation
  • Private rooms for patients
  • Parking
  • TV in the room
  • Open 24 hours
  • On-site pharmacy
  • Emergency service
  • Wireless access

Instituto de Fertilidad - Pricing details and cost breakdown

Doctor's fee Doctor's fee
Anesthesia fee Anesthesia fee
Clinic Fees Clinic Fees
Clinic Equipment Clinic Equipment

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery /Body

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
Price: from 3900 € Contact
Breast Augmentation
Price: from 3200 € Contact
G-spot Amplification
Price: 499 € Contact
Price: 840 € Contact
Price: from 3000 € Contact

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery/Face

Price: from 2000 € Contact
Eye Bag Removal
Price: 840 € Contact
Eyelid Surgery-Blepharoplasty
Price: 840 € Contact
Lip Augmentation
Price: 840 € Contact
Lip Reduction
Price: 840 € Contact
Price: from 3500 € Contact
Price: from 3500 € Contact


All-on-4 Dental Implant
Price: from 6500 € Contact
All-on-6 Dental Implant
Price: from 8500 € Contact
BioHorizons Implant
Price: 840 € Contact
Dental Implant
Price: 840 € Contact
Dental Implant Removal
Price: 840 € Contact
gum surgery
Price: 840 € Contact
Nobel Biocare Implant
Price: 840 € Contact
Sinus Lift
Price: 840 € Contact

IVF/Fertility Treatment

Artificial Insemination
Price: from 895 € Contact
Assisted Hatching
Price: from 225 € Contact
Egg Freezing
Price: from 2200 € Contact
I.V.F. In Vitro Fertilization
Price: from 4900 € Contact
Sperm Freezing
Price: from 250 € Contact


Conjunctival Cyst
Price: 840 € Contact
Laser Eye Surgery
Price: 840 € Contact
Macular Degeneration
Price: 840 € Contact


dermal Fillers
Price: 840 € Contact
Skin Lightening
Price: 840 € Contact
Varicose Veins Treatment
Price: 840 € Contact
Wrinkle treatment
Price: 840 € Contact

Cosmetic dentistry

IPS Empress Veneers
Price: 499 € Contact
Lumineers Veneers
Price: 499 € Contact
Zirconium Dental Crown
Price: 499 € Contact


Price: 840 € Contact
Price: 840 € Contact


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