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The Sib clinic was established in 2012, in Wattana district of Bangkok, Thailand. It is a premium cosmetic surgery center in Bangkok. It provides high-end beauty treatments in a variety of areas, including breast augmentation, face lifts, and tummy tucks.

The clinic hires surgical doctors who are board-certified with the expertise and knowledge to deliver beauty-enhancing treatments that are natural-looking. These consist of facial surgeries, such as nose jobs, dimple creation, chin reshaping, lip enhancements, double eyelids and, of course, facelifts. Surgery for the body includes tummy tucks, body sculpting and breast surgery.

The clinic specializes in facial rejuvenation using platelet-rich plasma and micro fat-grafting to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. These minimally invasive techniques have become very popular due to their rapid results and minimal healing time. The clinic offers a wide range of radio frequency procedures which are not invasive and have short recovery times. These treatments involve the use of lasers to break down the cellulite and encourage blood flow to the targeted areas, thus improving the skin tone and elasticity. Uses of radio frequency include reducing body fat, body reshaping and cellulite removal. Facelifts are one of the most popular procedures at the SIB Clinic for reducing wrinkles. The underlying muscles are tightened and lifted to create delicate contours and a stable foundation below the skin.

MD. Darin Moungthai is the managing director of the clinic; she is certified with the Medical Education Chulalongkorn University 2nd year of 2545, Board of General Surgery, University of the Year 2550, Board of Plastic Surgery. Ramathibodi Hospital in 2552, a Fellow Ship in Craniofacial Surgery Chulalongkorn University, 2553.

Her Specialty includes:

•Craniofacial surgery (surgery to correct the deformity of the face).
•Of facial contouring, (correct facial structure, such as surgery, the jaw, Facial Remodeling).
•Aesthetic Surgery. (Surgery).
•The Breast Reconstructive. (Strengthens the chest, thoracic surgery).

Additional training

•Endoscopic Brow Lift Shop Work, July 2553, the Chulalongkorn, University.
•September 2552 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Conference 2009, Singapore.
•IMCAS July 2552 (this International Course, the Master ons the Skin Aging Diet) Asia 2009, Bangkok, Thailand.
•Cleft Tawanchai-for Craniofacial Forum Welcome, Ramathibodi February 2552, Hua Hin Hua Hin in Thailand.
•October 2549 the 13th ASEAN Congress of Plastic. Surgery, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Her researches:

•The Anatomy of the Skin Perforators of Lower Leg in Thailand Populations.
•Randomized Control Trial Comparison between Antibiotic Irrigation and nss Irrigation in Chronic Wound in of Vacuum Dressing.
•Outcome of speech program index All of Cleft Patients in Ramathibodi. Hospital
She is a member of the following medical associations:
•Association of plastic Surgeons of Thailand
•Royal College of Surgery
•Society scald burns
•Society for gastrointestinal early part of the year. Each country Thailand

The clinic is widely held among international patients as it makes available various convenient services for them, such as medical record translations and interpreter services, tailored to those coming from overseas. Discounts are available for multiple procedures, and English is spoken at the clinic.
The clinic is situated in the Wattana district of Bangkok, approximately 20 kilometers from Suvarnabhumi Airport (also known as Bangkok International Airport). It is close to the Makkasan Station, which is part of the airport link service, as well as several bus stops and ferry ports.

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Darin Moungthai

Darin Moungthai