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The prices of this treatment may not be displayed for several reasons: clinic policies and or too complex to determine and will be delivered only based on your personal case. The final cost of your treatment depends of the lenght of stay, lenght of procedure, any additional tests, services or additional non medical services. Then the price differs from one country to another for many reasons. The final cost and some cost comparison are not always displayed for legal reasons but can be provided upon request at 

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►ask our Team through help button "Get help for this treatment" and get help from Our Team through your favorite method of contact : email (recommended), instant messaging system or call back.

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Should you wish to know more about it, you may ask by email system an FAQ sheet that can be provided. We remind you that 123 Clinic compile medical information to help patient making up their mind and help them to have an informed choice but is in no way a medical institution (such as Clinic, Doctor, Hospital...) that provides such medical advice.

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►as often this Treatment may refer to a service provided by Clinic(s) you can also directly enquire with the Clinic or even with the Doctors of the Clinic of Your Choice: use "Ask Doctor" button and you will immediately be able to start conversation about the Treatment itself.