Breast Lift/Mammoplasty

There are various types of cosmetic procedures, and the most common among those cosmetic procedures is breast surgery. This procedure is intended to solve specific breast-related problems, such as sagginess, improved silhouette, as well as improving size, reduction and lifting of the breast. Among all of the breast surgeries, the most similar are breast lift and breast reduction. Below is the difference between the two breast surgery procedures and which one of the two procedures is the best for you:

Breast Lift

Breast lift which is also known as mastopexy is a procedure that which is performed to correct sagginess or relaxed breasts. Breast lift is carried out with the aim of contouring and re-shaping the breasts while also brings the nipples and the areolas back to their normal position. Breast lift does not increase or decrease the size of your breast but can restore the perkiness. Generally, breast lift is done alongside breast enlargement in order to increase the volume of the breasts’ upper pole. In order to obtain a balanced firmness, size, and position, it is important to correct the asymmetry of the breasts. This procedure requires general anesthesia performed by a qualified and experienced anesthetist.

This type of surgery can be done in adult patients of any age. Growing teenagers are not allowed to perform breast lift and this is dues to the fact that their breasts are not fully developed. Women from the age of pregnancy are the ideal candidates for a breast lift.

There are three most commonly used surgical techniques in breast lift:

  • Wise pattern. In this technique, the incision in the shape of an anchor goes around the chest and below the breast.
  • LeJeour. The incision goes around the areola and down.
  • Donut or peri-areolar. In this technique, the incision goes around the areola only.

This operation involves a certain degree of permanent scarring, but products that can reduce the appearance of scars are available.

Breast reduction

Reduction mammoplasty also referred to as breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes some tissues from your breast and skin to contour the breast and reduce the size of your breast. Breast reduction can also reduce the size of your areolas.

In order to carry out a breast reduction operation, the first step to be taken by your surgeon is making one or more incision on the breasts. And then excess tissue and skin are removed while the slits are closed up by stitching them. There are cases that demand the repositioning of both your nipples and areolas. Typically, this procedure is performed by liposuction. Liposuction is necessary if the excess tissue of the breast is large in size. A major breast reduction operation needs general anesthesia, but a smaller reduction, on the other hand, requires local anesthesia alone. The operation can last from 3 hours to 5 hours.

The Difference between Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

Reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy are both the same and this is due to the fact that breast surgery lift and reshape the breasts. Both procedures can cause scars, and this is the point where the differences between both procedures stop. Mastopexy on its own did not involve the removal of breast tissue and will not change the size of the breast. A reduction mammoplasty will eliminate the surplus breast tissue and reduce the size of your breast from two to three cups.

Mastopexy is best for women with relaxed and or tired breast. But in the event that your breasts are so large and this results to physical discomfort – for example, back pain, shoulder pain and neck strain at this point what you need to put into consideration are undergoing a breast reduction surgery.

How do I recover from breast lift and breast reduction

Recovery from both breast lift and breast reduction is the same. After you might have stayed overnight in the hospital, it is very important for you to be on a bed and rest for 1 to 2 weeks. During this time, the breasts are extremely swollen and bruised. Even if the skin is healed after a few weeks, it will take 6 weeks to 6 months before it is able to partake in a strong physical activity or lifting of weight.

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Breast Lift/Mammoplasty

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