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Nowadays, many couples do not achieve a successful pregnancy with their own sperm and eggs, neither naturally or artificially, for many reasons. So, they must resort to donors in order to obtain an embryo able to properly grow up until the end of pregnancy.

Therefore, sperm and egg donation are more common every day. However, deciding to start a family with donated sperm, eggs or both, can be difficult for some people or couples. In fact, once the person or couple has decided using donors, choosing a "good" donor for each case may be difficult and usually many doubts arise.

What is ivf with Donor Sperm?

Sperm donation is defined by the experts as a part of different assisted reproduction techniques, which refers to use the semen (fluid containing sperm and released during ejaculation) of a man (who is not the woman’s partner) to perform the egg fertilization. This is why this procedure is also known as “third-party reproduction”.

The donor man can be known (direct donation) or unknown. However, this can change according to the laws of the country where the fertilization process will be performed.

How is the Donor Sperm Procedure Performed?

The sperm donation procedure is very easy for the donor. Before the donation, the man must fill his medical history and undergo certain laboratory tests to discard some genetic diseases and other conditions that may affect the proper embryo’s grow-up process.

It's also important to highlight that the man must understand all the things that the sperm donation process involves, including the emotional, psychological and legal aspects. For example, the man must accept the fact of being the biological father of one or more children whom he might never meet.

Once the man has overcome all the previous stages, the man must go to the donation center to provide the semen sample. This sample can be frozen or used immediately. After that, donated sperm can be directly injected into the woman's uterus (which is called intrauterine insemination) or can be used in a laboratory to fertilize mature eggs that were previously obtained (which is called in vitro fertilization).

Can I Use a Donor Egg and a Donor Sperm?

Yes, some couples may need to use both donor egg and donor sperm to achieve a successful pregnancy. However, using both donors is usually recommended for those couples who both man and woman are sterile, couples who have tried different sessions and methods of assisted reproduction techniques with their own eggs and sperm unsuccessfully, and single women with very low ovarian reserve (due to the age or to ovarian diseases) that want to become pregnant.

How Much does a Donor Sperm Cost?

The cost of donor sperm will vary for many reasons. It is important to know that for the donor, this procedure is free, and in some cases, he can even receive a monetary compensation. However, the receiving couple or woman usually must pay the sample’s storage cost, the donor laboratory tests and the rest of the artificial fertilization technique.

So, if you need to resort to a donor sperm procedure, please contact us at contact@123.clinic and we will gladly answer all your questions and look for a personalized budget solution.

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I.V.F. + Sperm Donation

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