What are the Various Buttock Cosmetic Surgery Techniques?

What are the Various Buttock Cosmetic Surgery Techniques?

What are the Various Buttock Cosmetic Surgery Techniques?

The buttock is one of the parts of the body more requested to be improved through cosmetic surgeries. Although many people think that only women request for this procedure, every day more men consult a plastic surgeon to undergo a buttock augmentation.

When a person is not satisfied with his/her buttocks, he/she can increase its size or improve its shape by different buttock cosmetic surgery techniques.

The Standard Plastic Surgery Buttock Lift Procedure

One of these techniques is the buttock lift, which is a plastic surgery that allows to improve and/or remove the excessive and sagging skin in the buttocks and thighs. This excess of skin is mostly developed because of an important weight loss, the natural aging process combined to the effects of gravity, and heredity.

During the performing of this cosmetic surgery technique, the plastic surgeon tightens the buttock's skin over the muscles and fat of the gluteus and cuts the excess, providing a buttock that looks firmer and free of flaccid skin.

If the patient desires a less invasive cosmetic procedure, but he/she wants to improve the buttock's shape or size, he/she can undergo a "Brazilian butt lift", which consists of using the fat transfer cosmetic technique to change the buttock aspect.

To perform a "Brazilian butt lift", the plastic surgeon must extract the excess of fat tissue from a "donor part" of the body, process it in a laboratory, and finally, re-inject the selected fat cells in the "receiving part" (which in this case are the buttocks) improving its size and reshaping it if needed.

The Other Buttock Lift Techniques

Another available technique to improve the buttock shape through cosmetic surgery is the buttock augmentation with implants. This plastic surgery consists of using artificial implants into the patient’s buttocks to increase its size.

Using an artificial implant the buttock looks fuller, rounder and well projected; likewise, this procedure can be performed alone or combined with the fat transfer technique to achieve better results.

The buttock augmentation with implants is ideal for those patients who does not have enough excess of fat in other parts of their bodies and the excess of skin is not a problem. The buttock implants more common are the silicone implants; however, there are implants of other materials.

Each one of these procedures have different techniques to be performed, varying the shape and localization of the incision, the duration and difficulty of surgery, needing of extra materials, and the outcomes.

Due to the wide variety of buttock cosmetic surgery techniques, it is very important that the patient visit to a qualified plastic surgeon before deciding the procedure that he/she will undergo.

The plastic surgeon and the patient will discuss what are the patient's desires and according to the patient's body characteristics, age, and General health status, the plastic surgeon will recommend the best way of treatment for each case.

Only an expert can help to the patient deciding what is the proper technique and the ideal time to carry it out.

Last update 25th of December 2017