Facial Implants Price, real cost

Facial Implants Price

Clinic Average/As of Price
American Hospital Paris, France from 11000€
Clinic Tokuda, Bulgaria from 5000€
Clinic Taksim, Turkey from 4900€
Clinic Center Maresme, Spain 4900€
Clinic Paloma, Spain from 4900€
Clinic Cuevas, Spain from 5000€
Clinic CLOE, Spain from 5000€
Clinic Crooke, Spain from 4900€
Ceram Hospital, Spain from 4900€
Clinic Conde, Portugal from 5000€
Dental Clinic Oral Klass, Portugal from 5000€
CLINICA Projetamos Sorrisos, Portugal 4900€
Clínica da Prelada, Portugal from 4900€
Clinic Fantozzi, Italy from 4900€
Centro Chirurgico Toscano, Italy from 5000€
City Clinic, Bulgaria from 4900€
Homolka Hospital, Czech Republic Enquire
Formé clinic, Czech Republic Enquire
Medicon Skupina klinik, Czech Republic Enquire
Hygeia Hospital, Greece Enquire
Dent Estet Clinic, Romania from 5000€
Clinic Leahu, Romania from 4900€
DHS Clinic, Hungary from 5000€

Facial Implants clinic and hospitals: average price

In average the price for Facial Implants includes 8 services.

What services are included in the various costs of your Facial Implants clinic?

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Last update: 2021-02-15

The Policlinique Esthetique of Vincennes center is specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Policlinique Esthetique Marigny Vincennes center is located in front of the Chateau de Vincennes which was established by Dr Gerbault in 2004 with the aim and objectives of providing a multidisciplinary approach of excellence in aesthetics.

The Policlinique Esthétique Vincennes is a center of medical and surgical excellence led by a team led by Dr. Olivier Gerbault and specifically trained in aesthetics. The location of the aesthetic Polyclinic is on the eastern edge of Paris, facing the Château de Vincennes.

Dr. Olivier Gerbault is qualified to the council of the order of physicians in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. The areas of specialization of Dr. Olivier Gerbault include the following:

•Rhinoplasties primary and secondary, aesthetic and functional.
•Breast surgery, including primary and secondary breast augmentation.
•Facial rejuvenation surgery, including endoscopic surgery, which minimizes scarring and surgery.
•Treatment of cellulite, especially by the non-invasive technique of cryolipolysis.

Policlinique Esthetique Vincennes center utilizes all medical procedures and cosmetic surgery procedures validated for their safety and effectiveness.

The selection of the team members was based on their expertise in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and in aesthetic medicine, dedicating themselves completely to the best training in this field, excellence of care for patients, excellence in the management, follow-up and evaluation of the results.

At Policlinique Esthetique Vincennes center, members undergo current training in France and abroad in order to be at the front position of skills in surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Medical operation carried out at Policlinique Esthetique Marigny are listed below:


•Primary Rhinoplasty
•Secondary Rhinoplasty
•Ultrasonic Rhinosculpture


•Botulinum Toxin / Botox
•Facial Peels/Peelings
•Laser Treatments

Breast surgery

•Breast Augmentation
•Breast Lipofilling
•Mastopexy – Breast Lift
•Breast Reduction

The Body

•Abdominoplasties (Tummy Tuck)
Other surgeries
•Genioplasty Chin Surgery
•Laser Hair Removal

The spirit of the clinic is to make sure that their patients receive full reliability and safety in their interventions, appreciation goes specifically to the state-of-the-art advances and innovations in the medical and surgical field. Close

Clinique Anfa


Adonis Clinic

Kyiv, Ukraine

Adonis is a steadily progressing medical group of companies established by the family of the Girins, they as well heads, leads, manages and progresses the medical business in Ukraine for more than 20 years, beginning with 2 out-patient clinics and increasing the company to 5 branches at present. The medical centre accommodates 24 single chambers with the probability of round-the-clock free stay of a husband (partner childbirth).

The medical centre basic principles of work are safety, quality and availability. The centre hires personnel with potentials such as specialists with the highest qualification category with experience of more than 10 years. The patient signs an agreement for giving birth or observation of pregnancy with the clinic ADONIS, where the circumstances, rights and responsibilities of both parties are legally distinct.

Equipment and provision of medicines are at the highest level, systematic infection control and independent quality control are carried out. In 2016, the clinic was accredited in the first category in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The clinic offers the following services and directions of work of the maternity hospital

•Women's consultation
•Pregnancy management programs
•Preservation of pregnancy (department of pathology of pregnant women)
•Inpatient treatment for pregnant women (after 22 weeks of pregnancy)
•Childbirth through the birth canal
•Caesarean section (operative delivery)
•Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of the foetus
•Postpartum Counselling
•Partnership giving birth
•School moms and dads (Free classes for future parents)
•Psychological support (individual and group classes with a psychologist)

Branches of Adonis

•Treatment and diagnostic centre ADONIS in Obukhov
•Obstetric hospital (maternity hospital)
•ADONIS Medical and diagnostic centre ADONIS in Pozniaky
•Dentistry ADONIS on Osokorki
•Diagnostic and treatment centre ADONIS on Raisa Okipnaya
•ADONIS FAMILY, Family Health Centre in Osokorki
•Diagnostic and treatment centre ADONIS on Zhilyanskaya
The medical centre surgical procedures,
•Ophthalmology, laser vision correction
•Urological surgery
•Gynecological surgery
•Abdominal surgery
•Intimate plastic
•Proctologic surgery
•Knee arthroscopy
•Plastic surgery Close

Concept Clinic

London, United Kingdom

Concept Fertility Clinic is a fertility centre located in London, United Kingdom. The fertility clinic is a fully comprehensive one-stop fertility service centre. Concept Fertility Clinic provides a unique and personalized service to patients who are in need of fertility treatment.
The fertility clinic recognizes the significant of how crucial it is to go through fertility procedures and it is willing to be there for each individual patient during the course of every process. As a result, at the fertility centre expert, specialist, professionals and qualified fertility personnel are hired and are on standby to give you all the assistance and attention every patient requires in the course of the procedure and to aid patient to select the best suitable treatment method.

The fertility clinic has a `One Stop’ fertility packages that are mainly suitable for patients who want to realize a diagnosis at a single consultation. Diagnostic tests can be done swiftly prior to the consultation so that patient and the consultant have all the information required to make the right choices.

The medical fertility centre provides all the normal fertility services inside its own facility and building, from its contemporary environment in Putney fully reconstructed and refurbished in 2014/2015. As of August 2018 the clinic as well offer a consulting and cycle work-up scanning service in Harley Street W1G in the centre of London for those patients whose activities are in or around the City. All egg collections and laboratory work takes place in the fertility clinic’s laboratory and operating theatre in Putney.

The fertility clinic believes in sincerity and it treating people equitably. And as a result, it listed price guidelines on its website aiming to correctly display to interested clients the full expenses for a cycle of treatment without any compulsory hidden costs and surprises. The clinic also published its pregnancy rates to show that it is around the national average, although the body regulating such services recommends that virtually all clinics have results around the national average once the clinic factor in peculiarities resulting from individual clinic patient or treatment selection.

The clinic is as well a relatively small clinic and its collectives team of specialist such as doctors, nurses, embryologists and administrators are all committed to support patients during the course of their fertility journey.
Female Fertility Testing procedures carried out in the clinic are hycosy (Fallopian Tube Patency Test), Genetic Testing, Antral Follicle Count, Ultrasounds, Hormone Testing. The clinic also carries out Male Fertility Testing such as Semen Analysis, Sperm DNA Fragmentation.

The following fertility treatments accessible in the fertility clinic:

•IVF Treatment
oBlastocyst Culture and Transfer
oNatural Cycle IVF
oMinimal Stimulation IVF

Concept Fertility Clinic IVF success rates

Clinical pregnancies per embryo transfer, May 2015 to August 2017.
Age Group Our Results National Data, 2014
Under 35 44.0% 43.7%
35-37 31.4% 38.7%
38-39 37.0% 30.3%
40-42 21.1% 21.3%
43 and over 4.3% 9.5%
Number of cycles 173 39,172 Close

Clinic Gen Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

The clinic GENNET was set up in 1996 as a center of medical genetics. It expanded its services by adding infertility treatment in 2005. Currently, it owns 4 medical centers (three subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and one in Great Britain in the very center of London). With 300 employees attending to forty-five thousand patients per annum. Using cutting edge technological equipment in the clinics, coupled with an expert method of the medical professionals and an extensive range of analyses carried out with the objective to provide effective solutions and realize positive outcomes.

Ivana Kavková is the CEO of Gennet Ltd, heading a collective team professional doctors and other medical personnel dedicated to fulfill patient’s requirements in the whole course of treatment.

GENNET Ltd. was founded in 1996 as a center of medical genetics. Over the years, it has extended its services to other medical fields such as assisted reproduction, fetal medicine, urology and immunology, andrology, ambulant surgery, prenascan. Its specialists and professionals in all 4 branches Prague, Liberec and London are highly qualified to be entrusted with patients.

At the present time, GENNET is the site where all-inclusive care in reproductive medicine is called "under one roof", as a result it can arrange for every patient all the required care and assist them in achieving their stated goal of having a healthy baby. Accommodating up-to-date equipment, state of the art technology and striving for proficient and personalized method for each individual patient, hence thousands of clients from around the globe patronize the clinic annually.

All clinics are accredited and certified according to the European standard ISO 9001 and medical laboratories accredited according to ISO 15189. By achieving these standards, GENNET has formally established its capability, objectivity and individuality in carrying out its services. All its clinics also take part in international quality audits annually and carry out international research projects. Since 2015, its clinics have also been member of the FutureLife group, an organization that collective reproductive health care facilities situated not just in the Czech Republic but in other European countries as well. In 2015, the Centre for Reproductive Immunology, which consist of both ambulatory (consultation) and laboratory services, was established and GENNET laboratories have been reviewed by CIA and are now meeting the requirements of EN ISO 15189: 2013
Its Service standard

•Provide healthcare at the best possible level in outpatient conditions;
•focusing primarily on the patient and his / her satisfaction;
•equip our workstations with state-of-the-art devices and constantly modernize our equipment to follow the latest trends and methods of examination in our industry;
•to adhere to the principles of good laboratory practice and to apply the latest knowledge in laboratory testing;
•participation in external quality control with high success;
•to comply with all standards and regulations on health and safety at work in the laboratory;
•information, data and patient outcomes are treated with respect to their security, confidentiality and confidentiality.
Increasing the professional competence of employees
•by constantly increasing the professional competence of the employees to create personally professional qualifications for the provision of services at a high professional level;
•to follow trends in the field of medicine and methods of laboratory examinations and to implement them in accordance with the recommendations of professional societies and scientific knowledge in order to increase the standard of provided services. Close

Cyprus Fertility Centre

Nicosia, Cyprus

Cyprus IVF Centre by Team Miracle was established and is managed by Team Miracle, a group of professionals and specialists in the IVF industry; it is a state of the art, newly refurbished hospital with all the most recent techniques and laboratory equipment. Dr Firdevs is one of the most successful IVF doctor in Cyprus with success rates that speak for themselves.

Team Miracle is the outcome of 10 years of team work and cooperation treating over 12,000 patients as of 2018. It is consist of six core members and an extensive workforce of nurses, anesthetists, embryologists, biologists, genetic experts, laboratory technicians, chauffeurs, chefs and other support staff who all work together to offer patient a soothing problem free treatment at Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre have the highest circulation of egg donation patients in Europe and therefore the fertility clinic owns one the best and very wide egg donor database available. Naturally, all egg donors want to work with the most experienced doctor with the highest number of patients where they know that they will be cared for and treated well. Cyprus IVF Centre attracts young, healthy egg donors and fertility patients from other European countries.

At the Cyprus IVF Centre continuously update to the most recent research into IVF and all of its related treatment procedures. One specific statistic keeps being proven over and over again. Patients who undergo minimal stressed before their treatment procedures are more probable to go on to have a successful pregnancy.

This link between less stress and a full term pregnancy is something which we have considered very carefully for our patients, and that is why the fertility clinic have created all-inclusive treatment packages. Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre have created a formula which guarantees that patient will get the most out of the treatment and have based these on the direct correlation between stress reduction and a positive outcome.

The following are the IVF treatments available at the fertility clinic,

•PGD in Cyprus
•Egg Donation in North Cyprus
•Embryo donation in Cyprus
•Gender Selection in Cyprus
•Male Infertility
•Tandem cycle in Cyprus
•Sperm Donation Process
•Cryopreservation in Cyprus
•10 Egg guarantee

If egg donor’s quality, intelligence and attractiveness are priorities to a patient, then such patient should definitely contact Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre. Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre had an average success rate of 77% in 2018 for all patients with an age range of 23 – 55 years old. This is considerably higher than the UK national success rate and that of other European countries. Close