Treatment for Cancer of Unknown Primary



When a cancer of unknown primary is diagnosed you will discuss the various treatment options with the Oncology Team of Your Clinic.

Your Surgeon or Team will consider the type of cancer and its location, your personal preferences and health.

The various treatments recommended are : Radiation therapy, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, various drugs or Targeted therapy but you may also consider to ask A SECOND OPINION and envisage alternative or complementary medicine.

Time Management

The following questions will also be double checked by the Team : Was the primary site found during clinical and imaging testing? If so, treatment should follow guidelines for an advanced tumor of that primary tumor type.

Did the pathologist identify a primary tumor or a specific tumor type, such as lymphoma or germ cell tumor? If so, treatment should follow guidelines for the specific tumor type. If no primary site was found, does this CUP fit into any of the subgroups for which specific treatment is recommended?

If no primary site was found and this CUP does not fit into any of the specific subgroups, will disease-directed treatment be beneficial? If so, should treatment be based on the tumor type predicted by the molecular cancer classifier assay, or should it be with an empiric general chemotherapy program?

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